Arthur Marshall


I started playing music back when I was about six years old, thanks to my mother who taught me to play the piano - which led to much grief all round…

But after that, and the acquisition of a guitar when I was a teenager down in Sussex, and then a succession of fiddles, accordions, saxophones and trombones in various towns and cities from the South coast up to Yorkshire, taking in Lincolnshire, South Wales, the Wirral and finally Cheshire on the way, all I’ve ever really done is play music.

I did manage to waste some time working for the Post Office and the Civil Service, but that was just a hobby, really.  Music was the important thing.

I played solo as a singer songwriter for many years, then called the dances and ran a couple of ceilidh bands for as long again, mucked about with country music, cajun and zydeco while always playing some Irish stuff along the way.

I bought a narrowboat* some time around 1985 and it’s only sunk twice since, which is pretty good going for a tub that’s probably as old as I am.

Any more information can be gleaned by hitting the tabs at the top, should you be so inclined. But be warned, I do tend to ramble on…

Flanagan’s Apple

Ah, those narrowboats…