Arthur Marshall


Well now.

Having started life somewhere around the middle of the last century down in the wilds of Surrey, my family shifted first to Chichester in Sussex and then to sunny Worthing on the South coast.  Worthing was famed for it’s rotting seaweed and, luckily for me in the late sixties and early seventies, the biggest and best collection of hippies in the country, centred on the Worthing Workshop.

This bunch of happy weirdos saved my sanity in 1970 and gave me a philosophy that, I am proud to say, will last me till I drop dead.  It also gave me the place where I first played a song in public..

Then it was back to York where I was bullied into learning to play the guitar properly (or as properly as I’ve ever managed), met some great people, made some lifelong friends, fell out with the Leeds police and drifted down to Sussex again before bouncing back up the country and ending up in Lincoln, via a short stay in a Wrexham field.

And from there to the Wirral for twenty odd years (some of them odder than others), another wife or two, a quantity of bands that are described elsewhere and an awful lot of music. And, of course, the narrowboat Lord Byron’s Maggot.

And finally (so far, anyway), to Macclesfield, the Irish band Kiss the Blarney, the Moss Rose Community Brass Band, more music… for without music, what is there?  The rest, as someone or other said a few centuries back, is silence.

I’ve been writing songs and playing an assortment of instruments ever since I was knee high to a parrot, and recording (on and off) for the last forty years.  The first were sold on cassette before the invention of the CD and now, due to the technological miracle what we call the computer, they are available on CD.

And as someone else said, all in all, it’s been jolly good.

If you really want the story of my life, just click here or on the tab that says “The Story of my Life”.  That tells you more than you would ever wish to know.

The “Recordings” tab will take you to a list of available CDs.

 There is nothing on this site about narrowboats*… but there’s a bit about trombone tomfoolery and brass band music lurking in the shadows…

* yet.  

If you want to know about them, you have to go to my original website at, which sprawls across the internet and contains more stuff about stuff than you can possible want.  Put the kettle on first.

You can get in touch, should you feel so inclined, by email to or from the “contact” page..  If you have any queries about any of the recordings, or any of the links have mysteriously stopped working (these things occur even in the best regulated households), please drop me an email.  I’m usually around except in July and August, when I go narrowboating, but I’m not going to talk about that here…

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